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Steve Vandendorpe
was born in 1976 at Mouscron in Belgium.
At the beginning of the 90s he studies the Fine arts to the academy of Tournai where he tries on different technique before joining the painting workshop in the evening course.

After a few years spent in the music where he takes the troop of African percussion “Instinct Baroudeur” everywhere across the world, he returns to the abstract art.

His influences arise above all the Constructivism of the beginning of the century. After having treated the gouache for a long time, he turned to the acrylic for the technique, as well as the pencil to find the depths and the effects.

He is seaching in his compositions for the dynamism of forms and pure colours, merging them to the point of finding the ideal pictorial balance.

(by Masaharu Watanabe. Inspired by the work of Steve Vandendorpe)

Let's see the end of spiritual evolution.
His genuine spirit for art,
When the straight line is drawn firmly and the curve crosses decisively,
A wish of harmony comes true.

Red and black,
When two differents are mixed,
A wish of harmony comes true.
His clear eyes are gazing.
A blue sky, the blue sea, the blue earth,
A wish in peace comes true.

It's not necessarily avant-garde just because it's modern art.
When many works are reflected the destroyed soul and the madness of the 20th century,
The pure heart of his work was shining outstandingly.

I tore the husks of space-time
and dreamed of the end of spiritual evolution of the human beings.
The reconciliation, the cooperation, the agreement,
The people, the race,

The dream in which human beings are set to one.